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Queen Unicorn 2019

A wonderful & gifted little artist that I know sat down in my studio last year and created this masterpiece. As all the other birthdays guests painted their lovely unicorn silhouettes, this artist created her own stunning character with a magical story to tell: "Queen Unicorn".

I was smitten with "Queen Unicorn" right from the start. I think that she reminded me of my 10-year old self, rollerskating up and down the streets of my childhood neighborhood with my Walkman clipped to my waist and my hair in a carefree ponytail. In my memory, that time is an endless summer of playing outdoors, waiting for the ice cream truck, and sitting on the front porch looking up at the night sky. It was a time when I loved all things rainbow -- from bed sheets to hair bows to shoelaces -- and I totally would have rocked a star belt, if I had been lucky enough to have one. My 10-year old self wrote poetry, sang at the top of her lungs, read voraciously and laughed easily. Where has she gone?

As I enter into this new year, personally and professionally, I am choosing "Queen Unicorn" as my spirit animal. I am going to get reacquainted with my 10-year old self, because I know that she is still inside of me. I will take advantage of the late afternoon sunlight to have a few more minutes of fun. I will surround myself with rainbows and waves and clouds and flowers and all the things that add beauty to the world. I will dance and sing and count down the days until soft serve ice cream returns. Most of all, I will believe in magic and in myself, and continue to follow this dream that I call Island Art Spot.

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