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"We love the
Island Art Spot!
It is our go-to place for art and play."


-Anna, mom at Wee Create

"Always such a great experience--my daughter loves attending! I really appreciate the creativity each day, each project."

— Erin, mom of IAS camper

"We love attending this class every week! It allows our 2 year old to explore and play at her own pace! She has made some good friends here too!"

-Anna, mom

Hands-on activities that the kids can bring home and be proud of!”

— Martha, mom of 3 IAS artists

"The activities, the opportunities to play in different ways, the interaction opportunities for kids and their parents --- Miss Jen is amazing and my son talks about her all the time. We are so grateful to have found Island Art Spot.“

-Erin, mom to Emerson

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