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Thinking Small

We all dream of having our own private getaway somewhere. Maybe your dream involves a cabin in the woods, a beach cottage or an artist loft, or perhaps simply a well-appointed shed in your backyard. It may sound weird, but lately I can't help but imagine myself in a perfectly outfitted dollhouse.

A dollhouse? My therapist might wonder aloud whether I am overwhelmed by the endless chores and maintenance that are part and parcel of the joy of being a first-time homeowner of a real sized house -- and she may just be on to something! Some days, the idea of living in a neat and tidy shed all by myself does have its appeal. But no, the reason that I am currently fascinated with all things miniature can be explained with just two words: DOLLHOUSE CAMP!

In just a few weeks, Island Art Spot will host a week of camp that we have dubbed "D.I.Y. Design" -- you might think of it as our very own hands-on version of your favorite HGTV program, but for the 12 and under set. Each camper will receive their very own four room wooden house from IKEA, and will spend the week designing, decorating, and outfitting the house to their heart's content! The studio grown-ups (myself & Ms. Juju) will be on hand to advise, assist, and accessorize! We have spent the past month or so just giddy with excitement at the thought of helping to fashion tiny curtains or create popsicle stick furniture. We see miniature items on every shopping trip and have been hoarding away supplies until just the right moment presents itself. Seriously, we are obsessed.

Now, I want to clear up any misconception that our D.I.Y. Design Camp is for girls --- it is, of course -- but it is also for boys! These houses are blank slates that are waiting to be transformed by your child's imagination...and one child's mermaid mansion or fairy hideaway might be another child's big city fire station, superhero hangout, or gnome cottage. All this is to say that ALL campers are welcome and encouraged to come and get their design on!

And don't be surprised if this grown-up is sitting right there beside them!

D.I.Y. Design Camp will be offered June 25th - 29th and August 13th - 17th. Campers are required to register for at least 4 days, but a full week is preferable, as our design work will build on the work of the previous day. There is a $35 non-refundable materials fee for this particular camp.

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